Insurance Company Insolvency Litigation

Your business can benefit from in-depth legal advice and the management experience of a Fortune 200 company. When you need private counsel from a firm that offers 30 years experience in government regulation, complex litigation, the perspective of a manager in a company with over 50,000 employees, and law practice with a 600-attorney law firm, let us speak with you.
Our Background in Insurance Company Insolvency Litigation:
Insurance Company Insolvency LitigationThe insolvency of an insurer can involve administrative law procedures in multiple States, as well as litigation simultaneously in State and Federal Courts. Considerations associated with State insurance guaranty associations, with reinsurers, and with other insurers that have counterparty interests all need to be addressed as early in each instance as possible. In addition, a respective State insurance commissioner often is designated as an insurer's agent for service of process when a license initially is granted to a company, typically many decades prior in time, and understanding the implications of such standing is critical in managing ensuing litigation related to insurer insolvencies.
Our insolvency experience encompasses numerous years in many States. This experience is focused and specialized to the extent that we're often asked to work as co-counsel with other law firms that become involved in such matters. We enjoy bringing this type of specialized experience to any engagement, and in whatever capacity a client would like us to serve.

Our experience has been gained through practice directly in New York, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, and other key jurisdictions, and as a registered attorney in patent and trademark matters. The hallmark of our operations is to start client matters early in any engagement with a brief summary and roadmap of recommendations that can be further developed according to client preferences. This type of management typically results in fewer billable hours for clients. Additionally, hourly rates can be a half to a third of those billed by senior counsel in law firms in larger metropolitan areas.

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